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How do I get pricing, official quotes, and more information?

E-mail our Sales Team at We’d be happy to put together an official quote for your bank or when you are ready to order help guide you through our sales process or just answer any questions you may have. Please refer to the price list for pricing on our standard equipment.  

Can you do custom designs?


Yes. Our Designer, Steven Cage, will design, source, and build almost any type of system you may need in your distillery. From producing complete one-off specialty stills to making modifications to existing designs, Steven is happy to talk with you about making your equipment or making it better.  We’ve built hot liquor tanks, wort coolers, mash tuns, fermenters, grain handling and storing equipment, custom stills, specialty cookers, malting tables, grain separators, and even large continuous column systems that will handle tens of thousands of gallons of mash per day. If you need it for your distillery, we can design and build it to your specifications.

This is a big investment. Why should I choose Cage & Sons?


  1. Excellent Customer Service: Steven and his team of distillers value the importance of providing excellent customer service and understand the trials of running your own distillery. They want to keep you as happy as they were when they purchased their first system from Steven.

  2. Quality Craftsmanship: When you look at a Steven Cage designed still, you can see the passion, dedication, and hours of work that went into crafting it. Each Cage designed still is literally a piece of art. Not only are they showpieces; they are also highly functional. His equipment is so respected that they are being used as centerpieces for over a hundred distilleries around the world.

  3. Minimal Lead Times: Our lead times are the best in the industry. Most other distillation equipment manufacturers have 12-18 month lead times. Or they tell you it’s a 2-month build, but they have a waiting list for 4 months. BS. Ours is a standard 9 months, and we are working to reduce this even further. We also work to get serial numbers out early so you can begin your TTB paperwork prior to delivery.

  4. Custom Designs: Each custom system is put together for the individual distillery. Whether it’s a minor adjustment or major design change, we will ensure that your needs are met. Steven Cage, our designer, has been working in the industry for ten years and has helped over 200 distilleries with customized equipment. Ask anyone in the industry that has worked with him. They’ll attest to his dedication, passion, and ability to get the job done.

  5. Competitive Pricing: No one can beat our pricing while still offering you peace of mind, quality craftsmanship, beautiful equipment, ongoing support, and functionality. A distillation system is a major investment and not one to take lightly. We work very hard to provide systems that you will find to be beautiful, practical, of the highest quality, worth your investment, and that will last you a lifetime. Why can we provide such low prices? We build our systems in China at the same factory where we started nearly 10 years ago. We have complete oversight of the production, handle all the design, and work closely with the production team to ensure that all our quality requirements are met. We do not include on-site, assembly, installation consulting, or training, and you pay for shipping from your nearest port. We can offer these things, but we do them as a separate item from your equipment.

  6. Trade-in Value: Our systems, because of their quality construction and manufacture, hold their prices well. You won’t have a problem re-selling your system. We’ll even accept your used Cage & Sons system as a trade in on a new system. Values depend on condition, size, etc., but at least you’ll get a good down payment on your next system.

What are your lead times?

Whereas most of the manufacturers in the US have a 12-18 month lead time, or they tell you it’s a 2 month build, but they have a waiting list for 4 months, whereas ours is a speedy 5 months, sometimes quicker. We are always working to reduce this lead time, but due to the volume of production and dedication to quality, we won’t rush out a system before it’s ready.

What is your sales/ordering procedure?

Contact us at or fill out the contact form on this website and let us know what systems, equipment, or both that you are interested in.


  1. Cage and Sons will contact you to either finalize your order, quote, or help you narrow down your options.

  2. Once you’ve decided on a system, configuration, and other equipment, you’ll be presented with a quote and a system drawing.

  3. Once you are ready to buy, you’ll officially place your order.

  4. We’ll then prepare your Purchase Agreement, invoice, and finalize your system details.

  5. Then, you’ll- Sign Purchase Agreement (through DocuSign for electronic signature); and

  6. Send in the 1st Deposit by wire.

  7. Once we have the deposit payment and the signed Purchase Agreement, we will begin your System Build.

  8. Once your build is nearing completion, you’ll be sent an invoice for your Final Payment.

  9. Once your final payment has been received, we’ll inform you of the schedule for arrival at your nearest port.

  10. Once it arrives in port and clears customs, we’ll work with you to schedule your system for final delivery.

  11. Once it arrives at your facility, you’ll begin assembly and installation. Please see our Operations Manual (available on our Standard Collection Page for your requirements for installation.

Do I need Permits?

Yes, there are many permits required to start a new distillery depending on where you are located.  Besides the federal permitting with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) (in the US), most states and local jurisdictions require permitting of some sort. Please consult with an industry consultant or your legal counsel.




Do you offer any type of warranty or support?

Yes.  We offer a one year warranty on all Cage and Sons equipment.  We are also always available by email for technical support. Your warranty is available to examine in your Purchase Agreement.




Do you offer any type of consulting?


Yes. At Cage & Sons, we don’t just sell you equipment, we can provide you with the help to begin making a quality product. Our team consists of industry experts, each of which has been in the industry for over ten years and most run their own distilleries. We can help you with everything from Permitting, distillery startup, to product development. Contact for more information.




Will someone from Cage & Sons come and assemble the equipment?


Possibly. You can contract with us to work out an agreement to handle this. The systems are simple to assemble, though, and you should be able to assemble and install your system yourself.  However, even if we come on–site to assemble the system, we cannot hook up the system to utilities. Please see our Basic Operation Manual for more information.




Will Someone from Cage & Sons train me on how to operate the equipment?


Possibly. You can set this up with us for a fee. Depending on your location, we could come to your facility, or have you meet one of our team at a partner distillery.




How do you handle Shipping?


Shipping from the nearest port to your facility is not included in the purchase price. We will make every effort to have your system arrive at the nearest port that will clear customs in order to reduce the amount that shipping will cost. Most distilleries find that they can pick up the systems themselves for a fraction of the cost of a commercial shipper.




Do you Finance Equipment?


Yes. We do not normally personally finance purchases, however, we may be able to put together a lease to own program for you. There are also several leasing companies that are eager to lease to distilleries or that can provide traditional financing. We have worked with companies in the past for nontraditional financing and leasing options. Contact for more information.




What are your payment terms?


  • For batch and small continuous systems we offer 1/2 down; 
    1/2 prior to shipping; or Full payment up front.

  • For larger custom systems, terms may vary.




Do you accept credit cards for Distilling Systems and Equipment?

Currently, we only accept wire transfers for payments over $5,000.  When you purchase a system, you will be provided with our bank wire information or other payment options. For equipment less than $5,000, we will accept cash or checks, or possibly online through our web-store.




How much copper is really needed?


Copper provides an essential chemical reaction, especially at lower proofs, that removes sulfides while the alcohol is in vapor form. Our systems are designed to give you the needed amount of copper for any distilled product. We can always add more copper to your system for a premium, but it is not necessarily needed.




How much capacity do I need?


This is a tough question, as it deals with the amount you wish to produce and the amount you think you can sell in a given amount of time. There are many assumptions involved in this calculation, such as the number of times you wish to run the system each day, week, or month, your average ABV per mash, the number of bottle or cases you wish to produce each month, do you want to start out small and upgrade later, do you have access to capital now that you may not have in a year or two, and so on. Your Sales Rep can walk you through this minefield and help you make a determination on what size system you should start with. There’s no hard or fast rule on sizing….it will depend on your particular circumstance and goals.




How thick should a still’s walls be?


At Cage & Sons, we pride ourselves on producing products with the highest wall thicknesses available. The thicker your kettle and column walls are, the longer the system will last.


Our systems have an estimated lifespan of 50+ years if they are maintained and treated with respect.

Most still manufacturers have a wall thickness of 2mm. Our thinnest wall thickness is 3mm and our average, depending on the application, is 5mm.



Do I need a batch or continuous system?


A batch system is a heated pot, normally heated with a steam jacket, internal pipe coil, or electric bain marie system.  Fermented beer or wort is charged (placed) into the pot.  It is heated via the steam jacket, coil, or heating elements.  The alcohol in the beer is boiled over as vapor and condensed into the distillate.  The slower and cooler that process is performed, the higher the proof.  5 to 1000 gallons is the best size for batches. 


A batch system makes all products well.  It is best for Brandy, Gin, Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, and similar products. Some advantages of a batch system is the ability to run different products, long or short runs, very operator friendly, easy to stop and restart runs.  Best suited if making different types of products, experimentation, and small-batch products.  Also fits into low clearance ceilings. Some disadvantages are that the final product is based on the operator making consistent heads, hearts and tails cuts. It can also be labor-intensive to run at times.


A continuous system is a vertical column, with 16 to 20 plates, heated with live steam.  The fermented beer or wort is fed in the top at a constant rate.  The alcohol in the beer is boiled over as vapor and condensed into the distillate.  The slop, or spent grain, is removed at a constant rate from the bottom.  The distillate continues on to get distilled again in a finishing column.  The distillate is produced consistently with exceptional quality with no need to make heads, hearts, and tails cuts.  750 gallons and up are the best size for batches. It is mainly for mid-proof products and is excellent for bourbon, whiskey, and rum.  We also have a system that produces high-quality GNS (NGS) or vodka. There are several advantages to using a continuous system.  Products that go into the barrel to age is where continuous distillation really excels, because of its ability to distill products with great consistency 24/7 without shutting down. Faster more efficient production requires less labor.  Also is great for stripping low wines paired with a batch still to make vodka and gin as well. The disadvantages are that it requires 22’ of ceiling height or more.  It is not well suited for small batches. And, it is more difficult to run when first starting up, and requires more skill and knowledge.





What is a CIP system?


 CIP stands for Clean In Place and allows an operator to clean the interior of the system without the need for scrubbing and getting into the nooks and crannies.


Cage & Son's batch Systems are fitted with a CIP system with a cleaning ball in every vessel and on every plate. Our systems use the kettle, or pot, as a chemical holding vessel and pump out of the kettle throughout the system.  You may use any chemical cleaning agent you wish, although we recommend a PBW solution. We also recommend a second cycle using an Acid #5 solution. Be sure to follow the instructions provided with your cleaning agent for the proper solution mix.

The CIP should be run at least once per month and between runs of different products, to remove the possibility flavor issues from your previous run.

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