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Custom Designs

If you can dream it,

we can design it!


We can custom design your Batch Stills, Pot Stills, Column Stills, Pot and  Column Stills, Continuous Column Stills, Stripping Stills, Turnkey Systems, Mash Tuns, Tanks, Fermenters, Wort Coolers, and so much more. 

Cage and Sons Distilling Systems is founded with a true passion and love for all things distilling.


We are dedicated and committed to creating and designing exceptional all original distillation systems and equipment brought to you at affordable prices. All of our systems and equipment are designed to seamlessly combine traditional and cutting-edge techniques to create highly efficient machines that can craft beautifully distilled spirits.


Because we design all of our systems and equipment in-house, we are able to offer you a custom design service that is unparalleled in the industry. Cage and Sons can take your individual requests and ideas into consideration when designing your custom distilling and brewing equipment.


Are you looking for an original piece of equipment that can literally turn heads? Whether you need a customized batch system, a full continuous column system, specialized brewing equipment, or something that isn’t currently available on the market, Cage and Sons can design, build, and deliver what you need, for a price you’ll be happy with.  We have designed dozens of projects, putting our passion, professionalism, dedication, and skill into each and every one.


We love crafting and designing new and cutting-edge machines with the sole function of creating a wonderful distilled spirit that also functions as a piece of high functioning art. The next one could be yours.

Contact us today to see what we can design for you.

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